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Most Veterinary RX-Imaging systems (examination tables) on the market today are in some way derived from Humane Medical Imaging systems by adapting and downgrading existing patient tables, with floating table tops and a tube column, and in some way “adjusting” various functions to veterinary use, but without taking much care of the requirements and necessities of both “patient” and operator.

Our approach has been in exactly the opposite direction, developing a system that puts the veterinary patient in the foreground, taking their particularities into account, as well as adapting the workflow to the operator, who mainly needs to concentrate on the animal and not occupy his mind with how the equipment works…

The basic criteria for our solution were the following:

  • All-in-one, space saving footprint – no cumbersome extra components to install
  • Works from standard domestic power supply
  • Low general noise level of the system – less disturbance for the animal
  • Fixed single slab carbon fiber table top – do not move the animal, but move system around it
  • Easy to clean – all electronics are sealed off to avoid any infiltration of liquids
  • Silent, Free Floating Tube-Detector Assay with fixed (100cm) SID
  • One-hand operation via touch sensitive grip & single action footswitch
  • Preset exposure parameters from integrated State of the Art software
  • Immediate Image Preview on integrated monitor
  • Installation time approx. 1hr

The work flow is also very straightforward and hassle free.

  1. Register the companion animal and owner in the user-friendly software with integrated Animal-Patient database, including over 450 different breeds of cats & dogs. The system will automatically propose an average weight of the selected animal to establish the appropriate basic technical factors for the exposure (no previous knowledge on Radiology, exposure times etc… is necessary).  Effective weight can be entered, changing the basic parameters.

  1. From the software choose the appropriate region of interest for the examination – head, chest, spine, articulation etc… - specific preset Exposure Technique Factors will again be set automatically and sent to the X-ray generator (manual override is possible)

  1. Position the animal appropriately on fixed table top

  1. Grasp the grip with contactless sensor on the generator to release longitudinal & lateral movement brakes and turning on the collimator light

  1. Center illuminated X-ray field on the region of interest and release the handlebar to fix the position

  1. Expose immediately using single-action footswitch (no prep-time delay)

  1. An onboard monitor displays a preview of the last image taken. All images from the session are automatically sent to the included Imaging Software Database

  1. Remove the animal from table

The included Image Acquisition, Treatment and Storage Software, with appropriate database, can be installed on any existing Windows PC with Ethernet connection, and provides all essential services for review, post-processing, analysis, diagnostics, reporting & storage of the images acquired, also making it possible to save images on removable media, such as CD/DVD and/or USB pen-drives and so forth. DICOM functionalities are also optionally available.

Due to the small footprint of SKANVET (1500mm x 1030mm) the table can fit into a min. space of 2,5 m x 2,0 m.

As you can see, a lot of thought has gone into the concept and realization of this system, making it as comfortable and stress free for the animal patient as well as for the operator, who does not necessarily require any prior knowledge in Radiology to operate the system and acquire viable and diagnostically valid Images. However, General Radiation Protection Rules & Regulations must be implemented and adhered to by all operators of the system and appropriate instructions in the use of Radiation Protection Clothing must be provided for to the user.

In addition to the SKANVET X-ray table we can also offer a High Frequency Dental Intraoral X-ray system - INTRASKAN DC/VET - specially adapted for Veterinary use.